Friday, March 27, 2009

Fargo Flood Relief

Bright and early Wednesday morning 6 of us headed up to Fargo North Dakota to help with the flood relief. It was an incredible experience! It is something to see the reports on tv, but quite another to see it in person! From seeing the mass amounts of people in the Fargodome filling the sand bags and loading them on pallets to going to the river and passing the sand bags to build the dikes. They initially expected the river to crest at 41' (in 1997 it was 37'), we did hear later that more sand bags had to be added, they were expecting the river to crest at 43'! WOW!!!! The last I heard, they were expecting the river to crest on Saturday at 1:00, I hope and pray the dikes are high enough, everyone is safe and the homes are saved. My boss, a friend of his that went up on Wednesday and some others headed up again this morning, I am so proud of them!! It is hard work, and I hurt afterward, but it was a good hurt!!

I have not created since Monday so I plan on doing so today!

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